Bonus Point Program

Our customers earn one bonus point for every service dollar spent with us. These points are automatically compiled in our computers and can be used for free carwashes, as well as, discounts on detail services. The best part is that once it is set up, it’s automatic….no need for that card in your wallet!
The redemption schedule is as follows:

  • 80 Points = Free # 4 Wash
  • 110 Points = Free # 3 or # 5 Wash
  • 160 Points = Free # 2 Wash
  • 200 Points = Free # 1 Wash

We will also discount any Detail Package by $25 for every 200 points!

Coupon Emails

We email coupons out once or twice a month. Once your information is entered you will receive our offers automatically. Your info will never be sold or disseminated....EVER!

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