We recommend washing your vehicle once a week…every other week at a minimum. This schedule will keep dirt and other contaminates from burying themselves in your finish.

Online Waxing

The term “online” means that the wax is applied in the tunnel during the wash process. These products are great at protecting your paint and keeping it shiny and we have a few to choose from. We recommend to add these treatments every other wash if you are a regular washer. Many of our customers add them on every wash. They will generally protect your finish between two and four weeks.


Carpet Care

We generally recommend that our customers clean their carpets once a year to reduce dirt buildup as well as on an as-needed basis.

Carnuba Waxing

This is the traditional wax most consumers are familiar with. This treatment will protect for three to six months depending on weather conditions and wash frequency. We recommend to wax your vehicle three or four times a year. If you use the online treatments consistently that you wax once a year.

Leather Care

We recommend that you condition your leather quarterly. Conditioning keeps leather soft and is the best prevention against cracks. Clean as needed.